“We’re not suicidal we’re just looking for love!” -B

That much is true, most of us are just looking for love. This wonderful quote was by a young gentleman I had the privilege of meeting in a local psychiatric ward. He likes to be called B..

The majority of young adults admit this but a minority choose not to face the subconscious truth. Love can mean a never-ending list of things when you’re in your early twenties.
Here’s a list of things “looking for love” could mean:
-searching for a significant other
-finding more friends
-fitting in
-being “fit”
-establishing a better family relationship
-getting a dog
-Eating whatever the heck you want
-paying bills on time
-being left alone
-passing classes
-passing life

Based off of personal experience, life is overwhelming and searching for things you love and things that love you back, is one of the toughest challenges I’ve tried to conquer. I don’t want to sit here and tell you my entire life story just so you can pity the pitiful things I had to deal with. I want to sit here and tell you parts of my life, overwhelm you with facts and opinions, provide you with a guide, and hopefully show you that it is OK to crash because crashing doesn’t always mean burning and boy, will your twenties cause you to crash. . And hey, misery loves company.


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