Once again it swiftly creeps in like the wind, opening the door that was only cracked open slightly because I like my privacy. 
It sweeps the rooms of my mind to find the place where I store all things that create my happiness. It weaves itself through them and like a poison, grazes the surface and drains the life out of each and every happy stored thought. 
It creeps out as swiftly as it had creeped in, leaving the door wide opened, leaving me feeling exposed and unsafe. 
I sit there paralyzed 

I haven’t been very productive with not only the blog lately but a lot of life things. I’m sure most of you can relate. 


Anxiety: live

I figured a good time to write about what an anxiety attack feels like is well, during one.

This one is mild

My Anxious Heart By Crawford
My anxiety is mostly unpredictable but when it comes to college I know exactly when one is going to happen- before an exam (cliché I know).

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These green walls


(Credit: MoreISO via iStock)

Why does it matter if the setup in a psych ward and a jail are the same, and why am I being so sensitive about it? Because people in the ward aren’t there for criminal activity. Why treat the two groups the same? People serve time in jail for crimes, whereas patients in a psychiatric ward are there as a safety precaution to protect themselves and get better. Let me tell you, that environment wasn’t making me better.

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